Supreme Self-Care

$349.00 / Month For 3 Months

Nothing in like is guaranteed….. But what if I told you, I guarantee you will get the much-needed self-care for yourself with this three-month commitment? You wouldn’t believe it! Try the Supreme Self-Care Membership and we can explore every option available.



3- Month Access

  • Our exclusive online community is built on trust, integrity, and support.  ($60)
  • One live session per month on a self-care topic will allow you to dive deeper into your self-work and reflection. Each session is recorded so that it can be viewed and completed with the accompanying worksheets at your own pace. ($70)
  • Self-care journal that will correspond with each of the month’s content.   ($40)
  • Monthly challenges and personal enrichment activities are used to boost personal productivity and self-growth.
  • A monthly book club suggested reading with a discussion thread.
  • Premier downloadables are released monthly to be used for ultimate self-care transformation and sustainability.
  • 30% off any additional regular-priced coaching sessions for the Unapologetic Self-Care Course.


  • Bonus 1: Monthly Live Q&A session in our online community with questions submitted from members. ($450)
  • Bonus 2: Personal luncheon-style 1:1 coaching calls (provided by the coach, where locations possible) to guarantee fulfillment of self-care. ($540)